Nutella crepe cake

Nutella crepe cake is made by making a lot of crepes, cutting them into a uniform circle shape, and stacking them with a layer of ganache in between. There’s nothing too complicated about the process; it just requires quite a bit of patience and time. If you are making a really tiny or really giant cake (diameter-wise), I’d recommend stacking the crepes inside a biscuit cutter or a spring-form pan to hold the cake’s shape. Stacking them freely leads to sliding layers and a lopsided cake that looks sort of like a pile of pancakes. I used the nutella crepe cake recipe on Ria Mathew’s blog, though next time I try this, I will probably use a fruit or cream filling because the chocolate ganache made for a very heavy dessert.

I’ve got an interview for a local management consulting firm today. The line of work is pretty different than my engineering and life sciences background, but the job and its projects sounded interesting. Hope it goes well, but I am really just hoping to get an offer from a few places where I’ve already interviewed a couple times. Wish me luck!


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