Pickled okra and other weekend events

A lot of cooking went down this weekend…

Pickled okra, preserved with dill, carrots, spices, vinegar, sugar, and water. Canned now, the okra will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

A moist and pudding-like persimmon cake, made with cloves and local California persimmons from DeMartini’s Orchard.

Saveur’s Bacon and Egg Pie. This thing is a food bomb. Crack 20 whole eggs in a casserole pan lined with pie crust, “sprinkle” 1 pound of bacon chunks, layer ketchup mixed with Worcestershire sauce, and top with puff pastry.

Romeo and Juliet went off without a hitch. Cast of 7, audience of 100, and an awesome after party. A few lines were forgotten here and there, but it just made for some good laughs. Below are the actors and Romeo and (male) Juliet in action. I’m second from left, the only female in the cast and quite a good Lord/Lady Capulet if I do say so myself.


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