recycled earrings and a knit patchwork quilt

Happy New Years!

No new recipes to report today. My house’s kitchen sink has been clogged for the past week and I didn’t want to do any baking while unable to do dishes. Despite my best plumbing efforts–Drano, a pipe snake, baking soda + vinegar, and a plunger–the sink remains clogged. Our landlord has been on vacation, so he hasn’t gotten back to me about sending a plumber to the house. Until then, I won’t be posting any new dessert recipes on the blog.

While Christmas and New Years parties have kept me busy most of the holiday season, I have also been doing some artsy fartsy projects in my free time. (Ugh, I am fully aware how domestic my hobbies seem right now: baking, knitting, jewelry making…) My biggest project recently was a medium-sized patchwork blanket made from multicolored knit patches. It was my first time knitting other than a hat, so I kept it simple and made a dozen or so plainly stitched squares and sewed them together into a blanket. The bright, full colors and checkered pattern came together quite nicely.



I also made “shrinky dink” earrings by taking recycled #6 plastic, cutting it into shapes, coloring on it with permanent markers, and heating it in the oven at 375 F until the plastic became thick, shrunk, and flat. These are mix and match; I didn’t make any pairs.



I live on a steep, winding road in the foothills above Silicon Valley. Last week during a heavy rainstorm, an SUV rolled off the road and into our next door neighbor’s yard. Hopefully everyone involved in the crash was okay. I don’t remember seeing any emergency vehicles on site, but noticed the crash a couple of days after the fact when I was coming back from a run. Yikes.


I have another three days of work before I head off for vacation. Matt is coming with me to meet my family in Utah and I couldn’t be more excited.



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